1st January 2014

Opening Of Our Letchworth Office

Following another period of growth, Constant Power Services acquired a new office site in Letchworth,…
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1st January 2012

Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year 2012

The start of 2012 saw our successful Sirius P UPS range extended to include a…
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1st January 2011

Promoting ELCOS Diesel Generator Solutions

Constant Power Services actively started promoting ELCOS Diesel Generator solutions. ELCOS has access to several…
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1st January 2010

Increasing Our UK Stock Holding

CPS took the opportunity to expand the business into the adjacent premises doubling both the…
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1st January 2009

Launching our CBS

The start of 2009 has seen several product developments with the introduction of our new…
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1st January 2008

Growth At A Phenomenal Rate

With increasing stock and staff levels the company moved to larger premises in 2008. Warehouse…
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1st January 2007

Extending Our Ranges

2007 saw many product developments allowing our rack based Dialog Dual range to extend up…
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1st January 2006

The Start Of International Manufacturing

During 2006, CPS became an integral part of an international manufacturing group enhancing access to…
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1st January 2005

The Total Power Solution

Since the beginning of 2005, CPS has seen greater expansion into the ‘total power solution’…
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1st January 2004

A Brand New Website

In the early part of 2004 CPS launched the new website containing many more pages…
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