Promoting ELCOS Diesel Generator Solutions

By 1st January 2011

Constant Power Services actively started promoting ELCOS Diesel Generator solutions. ELCOS has access to several engine manufacturers including Volvo, Cummins, Perkins & Mitsubishi, which enables market leading product availability. This year proved the ELCOS/CPS partnership to be a successful combination with many sets installed throughout the UK as well as a 2.2MVA containerised solution in Germany complete with auto changeover facilities, bulk fuel tanks and a parallel N+1 ‘Sirius P’ UPS system.
With the help of our parent, Riello S.p.A, and our partnership with ELCOS Generators, Constant Power Services instigate a 20′ and 40′ “Containerised Power Solution” providing quality, reliable and prolonged standby emergency power….easily transported….easily maintained.
Our Second CPD presentation ‘Static UPS Testing’ was certified and available to book, while our new Constant Power Services General Catalogue was developed and issued with PDF flipbook.